Nutrition Facts for Teenagers

by Nutrition Man ~ May 15th, 2009. Filed under: Body Care, Health care, Health News, Nutrition & Health.

Nutrition, TeensTeenage years are one of the most active periods in a person’s life. With some biological changes happening in the body, a healthy nutritious diet is highly beneficial to teenagers. In every meal intake, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins should be present in adequate measure.

Protein foods like meats, beans, nuts, soy products and eggs are essential for the growth of vital body organs. Carbohydrates and vitamins on the other hand are energy-giving to the body and are vital in stabilizing the nervous system and muscles, as well as repairing body tissues and fighting diseases. In this

category, teenagers should take lots of fruits, vegetables, beans and fortified grains.

Teenagers are in constant move and fats act as energy reserves and also as body insulators and transport some vitamins through the body. When the teenager does not have adequate levels of energy-food intake, the fats are burned up and used as such.

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